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jesse 7 years ago
I'm straight but I think the guy with the shaved area has a tasty looking cock and I might offer to suck it!
gillyuk 10 years ago
A woman after my own heart! My hubby encouraged me to do that with him and five other guys on a beach in Portugal last Summer. Four of them had their wives with them who loved watching the whole thing. What a lovely experience.
sperm wife 9 years ago
I love jacking a bunch of guys off except I let them shoot thier sperm on my face
anne 9 years ago
hhhmmmm nice i am horny
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this shit is just weird. these fuckin dudes thirsty af sorrounding this chick haha fuckin crack whore probably
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I have to get to a nude beach……lol
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Dick 6 years ago
I met that bitch on a nude beach in Mexico. Her name is Susie Stroker!
leigh 10 years ago
Thank you beautifulbLady.
Lily 7 years ago
Her standards are smaller than that guys dick...