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jeff 6 years ago
WHO the fuck goes in for a tattoo on there asshole... fuckn weirdos
2 years ago
The world is unfair.... Why can't I find a classy lady with a nice simple asshole
tattoo To bring home to mom???
rageging faggot 8 years ago
ugly slut? wtf? would eat her raw!
HornyBoy 6 years ago
Nice asshole to watch wish it was longer though!!
Seriously 6 years ago
If a lower back tattoo is a tramp stamp then what the fuck is this?
Amanda 3 years ago
You stupid cunt, you ruined the beautiful asshole you once had, dumb bitch
4 years ago
I would give anything to eat that asshole!
Pete 8 years ago
would fuck her ass all day long :P
QUICK QUESTION 2 years ago
What would be more painful:-
A) Getting your arsehole tattooed; or
B) Getting fucked up the arse ?
I'm only guessing, but I'm sure both would really hurt...
4 years ago
I remember when this chick was on AFF. She is from NW Indiana. She is a good little slut